When you specify for a client, let us show you some exciting solutions

A range of solutions

We offer a range of solutions and we will assist you with the choice to provide the best for your client.  Our range includes microcements, micromortars and micrometallics, as well as materials for preparation of the surfaces.  With us, you have access to a large variety of colours and finishes.

Excellence and Professionalism 

Your client is as important to us as to you. We use a consultative approach to interpret your vision and select the most appropriate mix of materials according to your project requirements. 


We train and provide ongoing guidance to independent installers from basic to advanced levels. We can assist you with the task of finding the right professional for your project. If you have your own installers, we can train them on the correct methods to work with our materials.

Uninterrupted finishes

Our materials are hardwearing, waterproof and crack resilient. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, for new builds or renovations in residential and commercial environments.  You are limited only by your imagination!  It works for furniture too.

This photo shows Micrometal Brass, one of the many superb possibilities for a feature element.

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